01 March 2009

Sign of the Times

Holocaust survior and Nobel Prize winner--and, now, one of the victims of Bernard Madoff's fraud--Elie Wiesel has stated publicly that he would not forgive Madoff. Given what Wiesel has undoubtedly seen in his lifetime, for him to call Madoff "one of the greatest scoundrels, thieves, liars, criminals" is quite something.

The article concludes with this comment from Wiesel: "It shows, again, a human being is capable of both very great, good things, and very horrible things." Is that true? Some human beings are certainly capable of very great good things, and some human beings are capable of very horrible things. I hope that it is not true, however, that each human being is capable of horrible things, even if every human being is, as I believe, fallen.

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