15 April 2009

Obama and Socialism

President Obama spoke at Georgetown University yesterday, April 14th. I entered the lottery to get tickets, but unfortunately my number was not selected. Here is the full text of his speech. The Wall Street Journal has not been particularly happy with the President's speeches recently (here is yesterday's reaction, which includes the picture at left), but they've had nothing to say about this speech in particular.

In other news, because today is April 15th, tax day, the various "Tea Party" tax protests around the country are getting a lot of press. Here is one event not getting much press: This weekend the Party for Socialism and Liberation is holding a panel discussion at Georgetown under the title "Capitalism Is Organized Crime!" Here is a link to the event announcement (and the rather dramatic poster, pictured at right). I will not, again unfortunately, be able to attend this event. Whatever its faults or shortcomings, I do not think capitalism is organized crime; but it would have been interesting to hear what they had to say.

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