09 July 2009

This Just In: An Excellent New Book on Adam Smith

I just received my advance copy of Ryan Patrick Hanley's excellent new Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue. I know it's excellent because I had an opportunity to read it in manuscript. In fact, the back cover of the dust jacket leads off with a blurb from me, which reads, in part, that Hanley's book is "one of the most important books on Smith in more than a decade."

Believe me, praise like that does not come easily from me. Everyone interested in Smith scholarship should read the book.


Tao Jones said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I just purchased the book.

The Amazon description tells me that Prof. Hanley's view of Smith is similar to mine and far more well-developed. I look forward to a good read.

You should encourage him to blog, if he doesn't already.

Jim Otteson said...

As far as I know, Hanley doesn't blog. But I'll pass along the recommendation.

Ryan Hanley said...

Thanks, Jim, for your kind words about the book! I'm really grateful for your esteem!

And thanks too, Tao Jones, for your purchase! I'm very glad to know that some of what I might say in the book may resonate with what others are thinking.

In the book's preface I invite readers to drop me a line if they want to talk further about Smith. I mean it! If you're inclined, do get in touch -- I'd love to hear your thoughts and chat more about AS.

And no, I'm not a blogger. I could never produce material quickly enough. Like Mr. Smith, I need to 'do and undo everything I write half a dozen times until I am tolerably well pleased with it'!