11 September 2009

Free Books Online

I discovered a site called ReadPrint, which offers the full text of thousands of books online, all for free. It also includes biographical information about authors, though it is not clear to me who writes it or where it comes from. The site seems to focus on classic authors and important works, so it is probably aimed at undergraduates.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information or for the accuracy of the reproduction of the texts, but a few minutes glancing at the Adam Smith page and its reproduction of The Wealth of Nations suggests it is solid.

(I notice, however, that the site does not have my books, so that's clearly a strike against it.)


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

Thanks for mentioning Read Print on your blog. We'd be more than happy to include your books on Read Print.

You can contact us at contact [at] readprint.com for more details.

Warm regards,
The Read Print Team

Victor V Claar said...

Project Gutenberg is also worth a look:

And thanks to ZombieHero for pointing me to it:

Jim Otteson said...

Victor: Thank you. Another great source, of course, is the Online Library of Liberty, which is linked at the right on my website.

To the Read Print Team: Thank you!