14 October 2009

Brief Addendum on Traffic

Since I have been reading and thinking about traffic recently, I thought I might relate this recent experience:

Yesterday, I was driving my son to football practice along a two-lane road. The car in front of me slowed to turn left, and, as I slowed to wait for the car to turn, the car behind me honked at me, apparently because I did not pass the car in front of me on the right. There was no lane on the right, only a narrow shoulder. The car behind me decided not to wait, however, and so passed both of us--half on the shoulder and half on grass--while honking and giving me (and my son) the finger, apparently for delaying him.

Approximately three minutes later, I saw this person again, since it turns out he was the father of another player on my son's team. I would estimate he arrived at the practice field some fifteen seconds before we did. (When he saw me, I think he was embarrassed, since he immediately looked away, pretending not to have seen me, and hurried off.)

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Michael Kruse said...

Reminds of a pastor friend who pulled up to a light and the guy behind him honked his horn. Same thing at the next intersection. He got of his car and yelled at the guy, "What the hell is your problem?" To which the befuddled driver responded, "You have bumper sticker that says 'Honk if you love Jesus.'" :-)

Usually just best to assume the best about others and kill them with kindness ... but boy its hard.