09 October 2009

Mercer University Talk on Smith

I gave a talk at Mercer University last week under the title of "The Scottish Enlightenment on the Promise and Perils of Commercial Society." I was invited by the Center for Undergraduate Research in Public Policy and Capitalism and by the Center for the Teaching of America's Western Foundations. (Here is an official notice of the talk; here is an unofficial one.)

It was an honor to speak there, especially as the inaugural speaker for the new CURPPC. Thank you to my gracious hosts, and to the students and faculty who attended the talk and asked such engaging questions.

After I gave my talk, one of my hosts, Scott Beaulier, who is a professor at Mercer and also the director of the CURPPC, posted a series of questions he would have asked me if he had had the opportunity. His questions are excellent (as Gavin Kennedy at Adam Smith's Lost Legacy notes here), and they are worthy of thoughtful replies.

I will post in a separate entry some thoughts about Professor Beaulier's questions.

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