06 January 2010

Review of My Book

I just discovered this brief review of my book Actual Ethics on the blog "Goodness Is Cool." (What a cool name for a blog!)

Thanks to Tom Burnett, the blog's administrator who wrote the review.


Anonymous said...

Please check out this essay on ethics and goodness or rightness.


James R. Otteson PhD said...

What is that essay? Who wrote it? When was it written? Is it a part of something else?

vick said...

i tried to "grace" your blog a few days ago,as suggested,but my two hours of typing vaporised(the prompt said my HTML needed to be a minimum of 4,000 something words-i don't know what that means).also,when i say"two hours",at my level of proficiency,that isn't a great deal. i only say this because now i'm a bit reluctant to try again,since i don't know what i did wrong...is there a word limit?
i put my comment here,since your book represents the whole shebang,a compendium of support for classical liberalism,but in scanning all of your more recent posts,i see so much of what informs my own thought in what you say..one caught my eye in particular concerning the the duty of academics,in particular,to dedicate themselves to the persuit of truth above all and to promote this process in the classroom despite any personal deeply held opinions that may not align with one or more position on a given issue.
yes,i consider myself a classical liberal,but i try to encourage others to read your book not only because of its broad and practical discussion but also because of the (in our climate,atleast)brave and abundant exposures you give to the likes of cass sunstien.
ever since i can remember,i've encountered the lame defense(?)of various ideas and practices by simply trying to silence,neutralise the competition. isn't it more compelling to give all maximum exposure? i only can trust something that has been put up to testing,scrutiny,attacks,etc..
there is so much i want to discuss with you and your readers as one of those necessary exercises for my ideas,but i don't want to get zapped again. i'll just mention that i really do try to understand the inexplicable by exposing myself to stuff with which i don't concur. for example,the other day i made myself read an autobiography of his clinton years cabinet post by robert reich...now let's see if this thing posts...