09 March 2010

E. O. Wilson at the University of Alabama

E. O. Wilson is perhaps the University of Alabama's most famous graduate. Although he has spent his entire professional career at Harvard, he will be returning to UA in a couple weeks for a celebration in honor of the twelfth annivesary of the publication of his book Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, which I highly recommend.

I will be one of three speakers at the event, along with Michael Ruse and Richard Richards. The title of my talk is "Wilson's Scottish Enlightenment." Here is the university's press release about the event.

UPDATE 3/10/10: As one of my friends reminded me, there are probably athletes who are more famous than E. O. Wilson. I should have said that Wilson was Alabama's most famous graduate who made his fame as an academic.

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Troy Camplin said...

More accurately: E. O. Wilson will become UA's most famous alumnus, as those famous athletes won't be remembered in even 50 years -- but Wilson will be.