13 March 2010

Update on FEE Talk

My FEE talk has gone viral! Well, not exactly, but it has been reposted in a few places:

1. WallStreetBlips, here.

2. The Mises Blog, here.

3. The Independent Institute blog, here.

4. The Division of Labour blog, here.

5. Vimeo, here.

Please click on the links to view other interesting material those blogs have.

(Also, a special thanks to Professor Art Carden, who is responsible for at least some of those postings.)


Michael Kruse said...

Did you also see Gavin Kennedy had a review?


James R. Otteson PhD said...

Thanks, Michael--I hadn't seen it. Gavin Kennedy does good work. He and I don't quite see eye to eye about the "invisible hand" notion in Smith, though he finds merit in other aspects of my interpretation of Smith.