30 November 2010

New Faculty Website

Yeshiva University, where I teach, has put together a new faculty website for me, here. I am not sure where they got that picture of me--I don't think I've ever seen it before--but the page otherwise looks good.

The page also lists an e-mail and phone number for a "media relations" person in case you would like to "request an interview" with me. You could just e-mail me directly, but that makes me sound much more important.


Brad Birzer said...

I'm pretty sure this was taken from a high tech security camera, Jim.

Brad Birzer said...

P.S. I'd be more than happy to give Yeshiva some pictures from our year in Europe.

James R. Otteson PhD said...

I guess I should just be glad they didn't post an image of me from the TSA's pornogratron.

And Brad, things that happened before the Digital Age are not supposed to be able to come back to haunt a person!