30 November 2010

New Faculty Website

Yeshiva University, where I teach, has put together a new faculty website for me, here. I am not sure where they got that picture of me--I don't think I've ever seen it before--but the page otherwise looks good.

The page also lists an e-mail and phone number for a "media relations" person in case you would like to "request an interview" with me. You could just e-mail me directly, but that makes me sound much more important.

23 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Some thoughts as you make preparations to enjoy one of the best holidays of the year:

First, the new procedures implemented by the TSA has created some discussion on Pileus, including by me. My most recent reflections led me to recall words from two of this country's great founders.

Second, here is a special Thanksgiving wish from Roger Ream, the president of The Fund for American Studies. It is well worth reading.

04 November 2010

TFAS Book Club

Are you an alumnus or alumna of a program of The Fund for American Studies, in the Washington, DC area, and interested in stimulating discussion of ideas? If so, perhaps you would like to join a new TFAS book club. TFAS will buy the books and is providing food and drink.

Our first meeting took place on October 21. We had a lively--quite lively, in fact!--discussion of William Easterly's White Man's Burden. For our next meeting, we are considering Amity Shlaes's recent bestseller, The Forgotten Man.

If you would like to join, please contact TFAS at alumni@tfas.org. If you have ideas about books to read or days or times to meet, please forward them along too.

We look forward to seeing you there!

03 November 2010

Defending the Kochs

Billionaire businessmen and philanthropists Charles and David Koch have received a lot of attention recently, most of it negative. I think the criticism has been unjustified. I defend them at Pileus.