02 February 2011

Looking for Summer Fun?

If you are a college or graduate student who is looking for something to do this summer that involves thinking, reading, and discussing politics, economics, political economy, economic history, or political philosophy, here are some programs I recommend considering:

1. The Institute for Humane Studies offers numerous summer programs. Their motto: "Sleep less. Think more." I have worked with IHS in many of their programs, and I recommend them highly. 

2. The Foundation for Economic Education also offers numerous summer programs, for both high school and college students. I have also worked with FEE, and I have written a bit for FEE's journal, The Freeman. Also highly recommended.

3. The Fund for American Studies offers a combined summer school program accredited by Georgetown University and a simultaneous internship in Washington, DC. The program's motto: "Live. Learn. Intern." Get more information about its programs here. I am the Charles G. Koch Senior Fellow at TFAS, and I will be teaching one of their courses at Georgetown this summer. It is an intense summer, but I promise it is one you will never forget. 

4. The Tikvah Fund is sponsoring several summer institutes for exceptional undergraduate students. I am one of the principal faculty members for its program "Economics and the Human Good," which will be held at Columbia University in August. 

If there are others I should list or mention, let me know. And if you apply for, or inquire into, any of these programs, feel free to mention that you heard about the program from me. 

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

The Mises Institute has many options for seminars and online courses:




James R. Otteson PhD said...

Thanks for the Mises tip, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The Independent Institute offers summer programs:

I believe the Acton Institute has programs as well.


James R. Otteson PhD said...

Thanks for the Independent Institute and the Acton Institute tips.