11 May 2011

Otteson on "Why? Philosophy in Public Life"

On Sunday, May 8, I appeared as the guest on Jack Weinstein's public and syndicated radio program, "Why? Philosophy in Public Life." Jack is a philosophy professor at the University of North Dakota, and an Adam Smith scholar, among many other things. (What an interesting guy he is!)

The program is outstanding, and I was delighted to be a part of it. Jack entitled the show with me, "On Liberty and Libertarianism" (the link contains an audio file, if you would like to listen to the whole one-hour program). The program was a model of civilized discussion. Jack asked difficult and probing questions, but there was none of the rancor, condescension, or incivility that so often marks discussions about politics or political philosophy. Jack let me make my case, so that listeners could evaluate the position on its merits. 

I therefore issue a public "thank you" to Jack, and I recommend that you tune in to his Sunday evening shows whenever you get a chance. 

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Richard said...

This is a great talk. I was bemused, though, about the presenter's question about self-ownership. He seemed to suggest that there was a dichotomy between thinking of our bodies (and minds, etc) as who we are, on one hand, and things we own/control, on the other. One of the good things Cohen did in his discussion on Nozick was to show why there is no such dichotomy. There is no reason to assume that this body, which is who I am, is also a thing I own.