25 April 2012

Today's Pop Quiz: Name that Work

Below is the opening sentence from an important work, one that I am coincidentally teaching in one of my classes beginning this week. Without googling it or otherwise looking it up--you're on your honor!--can you guess from what work, or from what author, it comes? (Note: My students are not eligible to play!)
Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.
Feel free either to post your guesses in the comments, or to send them to me via e-mail. Answer to come by the end of the week.


spencerwyatt said...

Pretty sure that's from Kafka's The Trial.

As a student of yours from about four years ago, I'm glad I ran across the new blog recently. I wish I had more time to read about economics & philosophy. But, for now, yours and a few other blogs scratch the itch.

James R. Otteson PhD said...

Well, since it took a whole five minutes to figure that out, I guess I'll have to give harder "quizzes" in the future!

Great to hear from you once again, Mr. Wyatt!

andytodd said...

Ah, he stole my guess. Seriously.

Guess a student of yours from ten years ago couldn't hope to keep up with a young buck from only four years ago.