28 June 2012

Disclaimer on "Said It" Posts

I received an anonymous question that prompts this disclaimer:

I do not necessarily endorse any of the sentiments expressed in the "He/She/They Said It" posts on this website. Neither should any such posts be taken as my endorsement of other things any of them said. I post passages I come across that I find interesting--which can mean strange, bizarre, or disturbing, just as much as it can mean profound, instructive, or insightful. So-defined, 'interesting' passages can sometimes be found in surprising places, including in the work of authors who elsewhere wrote quite distasteful things. 

Unless otherwise expressly stated, then, please do not assume that any passage quoted here--or any link to any book, article, clip, passage, etc.--represents my own position. Similarly, those views of my own that I express here are only my own and do not necessarily represent those of any organization or person with whom I may be associated. 

Please feel free to contact me for elaborations or with specific questions. Thank you.

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