05 November 2012

Update on Hurricane Sandy Status

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends,

Hurricane Sandy was a major shock to many of the proceedings at my home institution, Yeshiva University, and, in my case in particular, it has put a significant delay in many of the projects I am working on. The lack of power, heat, and gas for many days makes modern urban life surprisingly difficult. Please have patience with me and with the rest of the YU community as we struggle to catch up.

More specifically:

1. The Philosophy Department at YU is currently running a search. I am chair of the search committee,  but it has been difficult to respond in a timely way over the last week to all the e-mails, inquiries, requests for information, etc. I am doing my best, but please do not be offended if I do not respond to your e-mail immediately. The search is continuing, though deadlines, evaluations of dossiers, and so on have been delayed.

2. My students are in various stages of having papers due, preparing for examinations, and waiting to receive graded papers. I have now (on Monday, November 5) finally returned to the office, and so I am now working to get caught back up and get on top of these matters. I may not be able to make appointments with every student who wishes to meet with me personally. I will do my best.

3. Finally, to my colleagues in Yeshiva College and elsewhere with whom I am working on projects or who are interested to have me work with them on projects: for the next few weeks I may not be as able to join you as I would like or as I would otherwise have been. My apologies.

Thank you to all of you who have contacted me to express your best wishes and even make offers of help during the hurricane's aftermath. Life will soon be back, I hope, to its normal level of absurd business.

With best wishes,

James Otteson

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