30 August 2012

He Said It: Hazony

Yoram Hazony spoke at Yeshiva University yesterday, addressing themes from his new book, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture. 

Cambridge University Press, which published the book, put together a brief animated (!) video trailer for the book. Have a look: 

(I hope Cambridge puts together something as cool as that when it brings my new book out early next year!)

22 August 2012

He Said It: Adam Smith

"It is not the actual greatness of national wealth, but its continual increase, which occasions a rise in the wages of labour. It is not, accordingly, in the richest countries, but in the most thriving, or in those which are growing rich the fastest, that the wages of labour are highest. [...] But though North America is not yet so rich as England, it is much more thriving, and advancing with much greater rapidity to the further acquisition of riches." 

--Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), I.viii.22-23