11 October 2016

Wake Forest University's Position on the 'Vital' Importance of Diversity of Thought

"Wake Forest embraces the value of each individual and rejects any form of bigotry, discrimination or hatred directed against members of our institution. We seek to cultivate an environment which fosters the inclusion and engagement of everyone, regardless of individual differences. Embracing diversity of thought will remain a priority in the strategic principles of the collegiate university, for doing so is instrumental to our University’s ability to maintain a competitive advantage. As a liberal arts institution, our purpose is to facilitate academic diversity by maintaining an atmosphere in which mutual respect and intellectual pluralism flourish. Moreover, understanding the importance of including different perspectives and experiences is a vital component of our motto, Pro Humanitate."

Central excerpt from "Dear Fellow Members of the Wake Forest Community" letter from Barbee Myers Oakes, Ph.D., Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, Wake Forest University Office of Diversity and Inclusion (n.d.; italics in original)

04 October 2016

He Said It: Smith

"In other universities the teacher is prohibited from receiving any honorary or fee from his pupils, and his salary constitutes the whole of the revenue which he derives from his office. His interest is, in this case, set as directly in opposition to his duty as it is possible to set it. It is the interest of every man to live as much at his ease as he can; and if his emoluments are to be precisely the same, whether he does, or does not perform some very laborious duty, it is certainly his interest, at least as interest is vulgarly understood, either to neglect it altogether, or, if he is subject to some authority which will not suffer him to do this, to perform it in as careless and slovenly a manner as that authority will permit. If he is naturally active and a lover of labour, it is his interest to employ that activity in any way, from which he can derive some advantage, rather than in the performance of his duty, from which he can derive none."

--Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), V.i.f.7